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FLEXIMUX is a versatile 30-channel (2.048 MBPS) digital voice and data multiplexer. Besides, use as terminal equipment, it has the capacity of channel-wise drop and re-insert as a wayside unit with flexible voice interfaces for different adaptations.

The design caters for user selectable low and high speed data interface option. The in-built NMS allows centralized configuration as well as remote status & performance monitoring of the network by a PC. The associated external equipment in the system can also be centrally controlled via NMS.
Drop Insert capability reduces equipment cost in low capacity multimode networks.
Varied services offered by the equipment lend to optimum utilization of infrastructure.
Flexible digital cross- connects and re-use of branched off time slot maximize bit-rate efficiency.
Dynamic digital branching facilitates channel reallocation for alternate routing.
In-built NMS eliminate requirement of external SCADA.
Minimal variety of cards reduces cost of spares.
Fool-proof protection against electrical surges and input/output power-supply abnormalities.
Can work on various media like copper, optic fiber cable or microwave radio.

Compliant with all relevant ITU-t

Completely indigenous design.

Dynamic branching through digital cross-connect.

Flexible configuration as a Terminal or Drop/Insert wayside unit or for digital branching.

Re-use on any branched off time slot at the same station for new channel insertion.

Wide choice of voice and data interface circuits.

Digital conferencing circuits up to 21 channels.

Sub –rate multiplexing of low speed data for bandwidth efficiency.

Remote programming of time slot assignment, digital cross –connect, channel gain adjust and data rate settings from the control station by PC.

Centralized network monitoring of all operating equipment and their performance by NMS.

Tele-command signals from the control for remote operation of associated external equipment.

Redundant power supply(optional)

Any station terminal can be user designated as control, thereby creating total redundancy.

High MTBF.

Bit rate & code   2.048 Mbps +- 50 ppm HDb3
No. of voice/data chis   30
Signaling   Channel associated
Synchronizing (Clock)   Internal / External / Rx. Data
Impedance   75 ohm (unbal) or 120 Ohm (bal)
Digital cross-connect   All 30 channels
Signaling Interface   2W / 4W E&M; Loop with Tk. offering
Exchange I/F; Subscriber I/F;
Hotline I/F
Chl. Gain   20 db in 0.1 db steps (remote programmable)
Impedance & return loss   20 db at 600 ohms
Idle channel noise   -65 dBm max
Cross talk level   -65 dBm max
Conference facility   21 channels
Low Speed Data
Interface   V.24, V.11
Rate   600-19.2 kbps
Mode   Sync
Async pt. to pt.
Async pt. to multipoint
Loopbacks   Local / Remote
High Speed Data
Interface   G.703 co-directional
V.35 / V.36
Rate   64 kbps (G.703 codir)
48, 56, 64 (V.35 / V.36)
Loopbacks   Local / Remote
Broadband Data
Interface   V.35 / V.36
Rate   N X 64(N = 1-30)
Loopbacks   Local / Remote
E1 Branching
Interface   2048 kbps G.703
Coding   HDB3
Channel configurability   1-30
Monitoring   Through NMS
Loopbacks   Loca l / Remote
Interface   ISDN U
Line Code   2B1Q
Operating Range   >4 km on 24 AWG
Data Rate   64 / 128 / 144 kbps
Interface   ISDN U
Line Code   2B1Q
Operating range   >4 km on 24 AWG
Data Rate   64 / 128 / 144 kbps
Mode   NT
Operating voltage   220V AC +- 10% 50 Hz
Network Access   2 nos. of 2mbps port (E&W)
Supervisory & NMS access   Through national bits internally or externally
Through RS232 C serial port or V.11 ( RS-485)
interface via protocol converter.
Programmable features   Time slot allotment to channels
Configuring conferencing channels
Channel Tx / Rx level conditioning
    Performance ( G.821)
    Telecommand status
    Temp and battery voltage alarm
Diagnostic features   Loop back (E1 & channel level)
POWER SUPPLY (applicable to both operational and redundant units)
Input Voltage   -36V to -70 VDC
Power consumption   25 watts max.
Input   Surge, over / under voltage
Output   Short circuit / overload
DIMENSIONS   19' rack mountable
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