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WEBFIL filaments meet the highest international standards of excellence. Each and every filament from the WEBFIL plant is individually inspected for quality supported by the most sophisticated and exhaustive statistical quality control systems from the raw material stage to the stage of manufacture - using the finest equipment available. A binocular microscope magnifies filaments to 200 times their size to detect any irregularities or defects that might escape a micro projector unit. An in-house, pilot lamp making plant constantly monitors the performance of the filament by producing lamps of all types which are subjected to the most rigorous test possible. And finally, there is the 'life test' where filaments are tested under simulated conditions of actual performance. The result of all these factors is a filament of very high standard.

This is further aided by WEBFIL's in-house developed sophisticated "Computer based design" which co-relates customer feedbacks to design ensuring customer specific product development.
Further, 100% machines are equipped with electric control system to ensure zero-defect no. of turns.

The quality assurance system has three segments –

  1. Approval of design
  2. Control at wire drawing
  3. Control at coil manufacturing

Performance of a manufacturing system depends upon 4.M factors, namely Man, Machine, Method and Material Man – Employees of  WEBFIL are highly educated (all are graduates, the best in industry) and suitably trained.

Machine – All the machines were purchased from sources known to be the best in the industry e.g. Wire drawing M/C from OY AIRAM of FINLAND Coiling Machines from FALMA, SWITZERLAND and WAFIOS, GERMANY.

Method – WEBFIL adopted technology of AIRAM and FALMA, which has been upgraded suitably by WEBFIL’S Engineers.

Material – It is WEBFIL’s policy not to compromise on raw material.
GE, (USA), OSRAM(GERMANY), are our usual suppliers


Filament manufacturing involves a series of processes, each of which need very delicate control of product as well as process parameters. The problem is more acute because, apart from the physical dimensions and the so called destructive test, other parameters are checked on the basis of lamp performance on which the filament manufacturers have no control. It is a well known fact lamp parameters, like (a) filling gas composition, (b) filling gas pressure and to some extent (c) the mount geometry – vary widely from customer to customer, and each of those has significant effect on lamp performance. However, WEBFIL acknowledges the importance of `customer’s specification’ – and hence tries to design filament – specific to a customer. WEBFIL rely on customers’s feedback – and modify the coil data – continuously to suit the requirement.

Once the design gets customers’s approval – the coil data is stored in our `CAD’ system to ensure consistently similar product.


Drawing of Tungsten and Molybdenum wire – down to sizes of around 20 micron needs high degree of technical monitoring of all parameter, namely

  1. Drawing dies
  2. % RA – per die
  3. Drawing speed
  4. Lubricant
  5. Temperature
  6. Tensile strength

WEBFIL’s technical team constanty monitor the parameters’s to ensure

  1. Smooth and
  2. Round wire

High resolution microscopes, electronic balances of high sensitivity (0.01mg), infra-red radiation pyrometer, sophisticated T.S. testing machine having direct recording of % elongation etc. are some of the important equipments. The detail of check-points is given in the quality plan.


  1. Every lot is produced with the aid of `CAD’ - specific to a particular customer.
  2. 100% primary coil spools are checked to detect pitch uniformity, by (a) using microscope and (b) mg/200mm coil weight.
  3. At secondary coiling, we have continuous `TURN’ monitoring system and we work on `ZERO’ tolerance for “NUMBER OF TURNS”
  4. Coil annealing is done under hydrogen environment and controlled temperature. `Radiation pyrometers’ are used to measure temperature accurately.
  5. WEBFIL use `closed dissolving plant’ – of `FALMA’ make for mandrel dissolving which ensures uniform etching.
  6. WEBFIL employs 100% visual inspection prior to packing to ensure quality of filament.

All quality parameters are checked twice, firstly prior to visual inspection and secondly prior to delivery

With all these efforts and with our commitment to meet the customer’s requirement – WEBFIL can assure quality products consistently.

PROCESS CONTROL - An integral part of Quality Assurance
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